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Bad Oral Habits to Avoid

Bad Oral Habits to Avoid

We all have habits, good or bad, whether we've had it since we were young or something new we just acquired. They become a part of us and sometimes bad habits can affect us negatively in the long run. And oral health is no exception. When this happens, results can...

How to protect your teeth this winter

How to protect your teeth this winter

How to protect your teeth this winter   Like the rest of the body, the teeth are no stranger to sensitivity, especially in the cold. If exposed to the cold, the teeth might sustain some damage if not properly taken care of. It is even more important to protect...

How to Floss (Everyday!)

How to Floss (Everyday!)

Brushing your teeth daily may seem like a no-brainer, but why do most people’s oral hygiene routines stop there? One of the main reasons why people do not floss as regularly as they brush is simply because they don’t know how to properly. Flossing is an important oral...

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